Bringing blogging to the classroom

This morning, I visited an advanced French class of a friend of mine, Jeanne Windsor, who teaches at St. Paul’s School in Concord, NH. She just returned from a 6-week stay in Morocco, and is now trying to get her students in the US to get to know her students in Morocco, so I suggested they start blogging, here at WordPress. I’ll add her blog to my Blogroll, and keep track of how they are doing!


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  1. nkahlaouy on

    This is amazingly instructive. I did not know that the internet was that rich. It is something to learn how to become a good blogger, save time and have access to all blogwebs simultaneously. Well thank you so much. My students will appreciate that a lot if they can go to it.They will certainly need it once they all start blogging with SPS.
    Ms Windsor told me a lot about you, and how many times she turns to you for help. Now I understand how lucky she is to have a friend like you. I simply envy her.

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